Healthcare Providers


You know that value isn’t in the scalpel, it is in the skill and knowledge to use the scalpel for the betterment of the patient. The same is true for wealth management. A national brand and investment products are scalpels. You need a skillful and knowledgeable advisor to get the financial outcome you want. At Victrix, we have the training and credentials you need. We also have a comprehensive set of best-of-breed instruments thanks to our open architecture platform.

We admire the medical profession for lots of reasons. One is the profession’s ethics. Your profession worried that patient outcomes might suffer if the pharmaceutical companies owned hospitals or compensated doctors. Unfortunately, too many in the financial services industry are not held to this same high ethical standard. At Victrix, we are held to the fiduciary standard, we only accept compensation from our clients, and have an open architecture that enables us to invest what we think is best for the client

We assist medical professional to do preventative financial care. This includes asset protection strategies, creating diversification for you, and by providing an objective review your insurance (though we do not sell insurance).

A powerful medical training concept is See One, Do One, Teach One. Does your current financial advisor effectively teach you? Could you confidently teach another? You’ve spent years learning the art and science of patient care, but many have no formal training in financial wellbeing. How many patients have you seen that self-diagnosed thanks to WebMD?

And thank you for your service.

We value long term relationships, we’re guessing you do too.