Victrix Investment Advisors

Combining the Strength of Capital with the Power of Ideas.

Our Mission

Victrix is a modern firm with a common sense approach.  That means that our policies, communications, and fees are such that if we were the client, we would be comfortable with them.  In addition, our personal accounts are invested like those of our clients.  We pledge to you:

  • We will always put the interests of our clients first.
  • We measure success in investment returns over time, not assets under management.  We will be working hard on finding the best investments for our portfolios, rather than seeking new investors.
  • We will never allow performance pressures to compromise our investment process.
  • We will not wildly proliferate new investment products so as to be able to focus on yours.
  • We are aligned with you. Each employee of Victrix will have a significant portion of their personal capital in this strategy.
  • We endeavor to stay within our areas of core competence.
  • We will be disciplined investors and focus on a multiyear time horizon
  • We will only invest your money after extensively analyzing the security and developing high conviction in our estimate of intrinsic value.
  • We will hold cash when we are unable to find investment opportunities that meet our exacting standards.
  • We will never use debt.
  • We will apply sound business judgment and common sense to assess risk.
  • We will never put our faith in computer risk models, which are often built to a 95% confidence level.  Just as you would not use a bulletproof vest that stopped only 95% of bullets, we will never place your financial life at stake based on a 95% confidence level.

At Victrix, we serve and work with human beings. Get to know us and discover what makes us different from other financial advisors.