Victrix Investment Advisors

Combining the Strength of Capital with the Power of Ideas.


Victrix assists a variety of clients with diverse investment objectives: whether a high net worth individual or a personal retirement account, corporate pension or profit sharing plan, or a charitable entity such as a foundation, trust, estate, or endowment fund.

We serve our clients’ asset management needs by providing separately managed, discretionary portfolio management services.  Clients deposit funds into a custodian account (e.g., at a brokerage company such as Interactive Brokers) and then grant discretionary transaction authority for that account to Victrix.  Victrix never takes custody of client assets; it merely directs the clients’ custodian to buy or sell the securities that Victrix selects.

Your funds will be invested through a separately managed account that offers you complete transparency.  You can login to your custodian’s website as often as you like to review your portfolio.  There is no lock-up period, so you can withdraw your funds if a liquidity need arises.  No margin debt is used.

You will receive a quarterly letter in which we will explain why new investments were made.  We will also give candid assessments of returns and, just as important, how our portfolio companies developed relative to what we anticipated prior to purchase.  We will clearly explain our results by giving reasons, not excuses.