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Origins of the Name

VI Legion banner

Victrix means “victorious” in Latin, and was the honorific bestowed upon the Roman Empire’s Sixth Legion (Legio VI).  The past, like the future, is never as clear as we would like, but evidence suggests that Octavian, who became the Roman emperor Augustus, founded the sixth legion in 41 BCE.  Sling stones etched with “VI” indicate the legion’s presence at the Siege of Perugia in that year.  The legion survived over 400 years. The VI Victrix Legion built the section of Hadrian’s Wall between Newcastle and Carlisle, and constructed a bridge across the river Tyne near Newcastle.  The legion was awarded the title Fidelis Constans (loyal and steadfast) for defending Rome. The legion adopted the bull as its symbol, and we are bullish on our future.

For us, Victrix also represents discipline, loyalty, and longevity; qualities we embody.